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In honor of Betsy Snook

image imageCardinal Mermillod once said, "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." Words cannot even begin to explain the resilience, courage, and never-ending love of our mother. Ever since we were young, we have witnessed a strong woman overcome every trial that was ever placed in her path while elevating other’s need above her own. Cancer was no different. The day our mother was given the news she had cancer, we knew she would handle the obstacle as she always had. She needed to get the job done and that is precisely what she did. Today, we celebrate a clean bill of health for 3 consecutive years. Our mother might not recognize her journey as bold, courageous, or inspiring, but we sure do. She managed to work a full time job, continue to be a loving grandmother and mother, and prove to all of us of the wonderful woman that she is. We are all incredibly blessed to have her in our lives. So for her 60th birthday we have decided to celebrate her life and give her the much-respected attention she deserves. In place of gifts, we are asking you to donate to the Sarcoma Foundation of America which raises money for research and therapy for sarcoma patients. Our mother beat it, and we want others to have the same opportunity.

If you would prefer to mail your gift, please click here for a printable form that can be completed and mailed in.

Programs & Resources

Patient Resources Patient Resources

Information on sarcoma subtypes, treatments, clinical trials, and other important resources for sarcoma patients and families.

Patient Registry Sarcoma Patient Registry

Information on the Sarcoma Patient Registry. If you are diagnosed with sarcoma, please consider joining the Registry.

Sarcoma Research Sarcoma Research

Information on applying for a sarcoma research grant, current research funded by the SFA, and past research grants.

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