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In memory of Shawn Robert Slaughter


Is in Memory of Shawn Robert Slaughter
June 28, 1973 - August 11, 2011.


His courage inspired many. His smile gave us hope. His love is what has kept us strong. Taken to soon by Sarcoma. He is missed!

Sarcoma research receives less than 1% of all available cancer funds and because so little has been done, any contribution will have a huge impact.

Patients do not get to choose which cancer type will affect them. You can take control by helping to find a cure.


One of the most important things Shawn wanted was to raise money for sarcoma research and to raise Sarcoma Awareness. Most Sarcoma's go untreated because they are so often misdiagnosed. By the time they are diagnosed, it's too late. Patients and Professionals need access to current information about the dozens of Sarcoma types and their treatments.

Donate today and help 'Slaughter Sarcoma'. Or, start a Help 'Slaughter' Sarcoma Fundraiser in our community. Big cancer events receive all the funding, it's time to put Sarcoma Cancer on the Map. Voice your suggestions, ideas, places, sponsors, etc. and participate.

If you would prefer to mail your gift, please click here for a printable form that can be completed and mailed in.

Programs & Resources

Patient Resources Patient Resources

Information on sarcoma subtypes, treatments, clinical trials, and other important resources for sarcoma patients and families.

Patient Registry Sarcoma Patient Registry

Information on the Sarcoma Patient Registry. If you are diagnosed with sarcoma, please consider joining the Registry.

Sarcoma Research Sarcoma Research

Information on applying for a sarcoma research grant, current research funded by the SFA, and past research grants.

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