What are the symptoms of bone sarcomas?

In their early stages, there may be no symptoms. As the tumor grows, it may cause other symptoms, such as pain or soreness, as it presses against nearby nerves and muscles. Because the tumor is in the bone and can weaken the bone, osteosarcoma can sometimes present itself as a fracture.
This fact sheet deals with primary bone cancer.

Cancers of the Bone

Types of Cancer

Tissue of Origin

Common Locations

Common Ages

Osteosarcoma Osteoid Knees, upper legs, upper arms 10–25
Chondrosarcoma Cartilage Pelvis, upper legs, shoulders 50–60
Ewing’s Sarcoma Immature nerve tissue, usually in bone marrow Pelvis, upper legs, ribs, arms 10–20

Programs & Resources

Patient Resources Patient Resources

Information on sarcoma subtypes, treatments, clinical trials, and other important resources for sarcoma patients and families.

Patient Registry Sarcoma Patient Registry

Information on the Sarcoma Patient Registry. If you are diagnosed with sarcoma, please consider joining the Registry.

Sarcoma Research Sarcoma Research

Information on applying for a sarcoma research grant, current research funded by the SFA, and past research grants.

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