Patient Registry

Thank you for your interest in the Sarcoma Patient Registry Program.  The Registry is a data collection and reporting system hosted by Registry Partners and managed by SFA.

We invite you to participate in our efforts to make the Sarcoma Patient Registry information as accurate and comprehensive as possible.  By contributing, your data will be a valuable resource for oncologist and researchers conducting clinical trials and medical studies.  Most of all, you will be helping to improve the care of current and future sarcoma patients.

You are eligible to join the Registry if you have been diagnosed with ANY sarcoma subtype.

To join the Registry, click the button below and fill out the official registration form.


If you have any questions about the Registry, or any issues with the registration form, please call SFA at 301-253-8687 or email

SFA Patient Registry Supported By

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The Sarcoma Registry for Outcomes and Results is an additional sarcoma registry that focuses on the surgical treatment, functional recovery, and quality of life during and after sarcoma treatment.  To learn more about this registry, CLICK HERE.