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My Sarcoma Story – Evan

  Note: Evan’s story was shared by his wife, Felicia. Evan’s Story: My husband Evan and I are parents to two young children, a 1-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. After experiencing some intermittent pain in his left ankle, in December 2015 Evan got an MRI which revealed a mass in his… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Sarah

My Story: I was diagnosed in September 2015 after I had been having a pain in my side for about a month. After multiple tests, scans and doctor visits, I had surgery on 10/2/15 to remove a 17 pound tumor. I started chemo in November and went through 20 infusions… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Katie

My Story: I was a normal, healthy, athletic 53-year-old in 2015, who simply had some abdominal pain and distention. All medical checkups were “normal” and I was in “great health,” so why worry? Then my abdomen started to grow faster than my diet would dictate “normal.” My MD requested an… Read More

Race to Cure Sarcoma Philadelphia – Emilie’s Story

The Race to Cure Sarcoma Philadelphia is just around the corner! On October 30, 2016, patients, survivors, family, friends, healthcare providers and other concerned individuals will come together to raise awareness and funds for sarcoma research. One of our volunteers and team captains, Emilie Joly, shares why she’s involved.  … Read More

In memory of Lela Coleman

In Memory of Lela Coleman, who fought a Battle with LeioMyoSarcoma Cancer from September 8, 2012, until she received her Purple wings on December 17, 2012. During her Battle with Sarcoma Cancer, she endured many hardships to include having a leg amputation, several attempts at Chemotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical… Read More

Sarcoma Foundation of America Applauds FDA Approval of Yondelis

-Drug Approved for Use in Treatment of Advanced Liposarcoma and Leiomyosarcoma- DAMASCUS, Md. – October 23, 2015 – The Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) applauds the announcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the drug Yondelis (trabectedin, marketed by Janssen) has been approved by the agency for the treatment… Read More

In memory of Silvia Bode

In memory of our dear Silvia. Since early 2014 Silvia courageously fought Leiomyosarcoma (LMS), a rare and aggressive cancer. Silvia always stayed positive and fought this horrible disease with all her heart. It was her prayer that a cure would be found if not in time for her at least… Read More

Wednesday Warrior – Ilene

  Pregnant with her first child, 24-year-old Ilene joyously prepared to be a new mom.  But in her eighth month, tragedy struck and Ilene lost her baby.  That loss may have saved her life.  Ilene didn’t know it, but a massive sarcoma was quietly and steadily growing within her. Two… Read More

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