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My Sarcoma Story – Joey

Note: Joey’s story was shared by his mother, Linda. Joey’s Story: My son Joey, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February 2009. A large tumor in his knee proved to be malignant. I had never heard of this disease and was sure that whatever it was, he could beat it. We began… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Kimberly

  Kimberly’s Story: June 20, 2016. This was the day that I first heard the word Sarcoma. It was 3 am, and I woke up to get a glass of water and saw an email on my phone from Quest – the results of my biopsy. I opened it, thinking it… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Evan

  Note: Evan’s story was shared by his wife, Felicia. Evan’s Story: My husband Evan and I are parents to two young children, a 1-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. After experiencing some intermittent pain in his left ankle, in December 2015 Evan got an MRI which revealed a mass in his… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Donna

  Donna’s Story: My story starts in 2014. My husband and I were in the process of renewing our life insurance. My broker was on me about getting an MRI on my leg. If Mike Spena had not pushed me to get my MRI done, I would definitely not be writing my… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Catherine

Note: Catherine’s story was shared by her mother, Jennifer. Catherine’s Story: Catherine was a perfectly healthy teenager. She was 16, a junior in high school and had just finished her field hockey season. Catherine was looking forward to a trip to Italy with her high school singing group. Catherine developed pain in… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Sarah

My Story: I was diagnosed in September 2015 after I had been having a pain in my side for about a month. After multiple tests, scans and doctor visits, I had surgery on 10/2/15 to remove a 17 pound tumor. I started chemo in November and went through 20 infusions… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Heather

My Story: I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 21 years old, three months shy of graduating from college. Like any cancer diagnosis, it was stunning. I was very active and healthy, but quickly learned that cancer doesn’t care. I started an aggressive and intense chemo treatment almost immediately and after… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Laura

My Story: I was 33 years old in January of 2014 when I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in the right lower lung. I had a 6cm tumor that was thought to be pneumonia, then a collapsed lung. After many minsdiagnosises, a bronchoscope pulled out part of the tumor growing… Read More

My Sarcoma Story – Katie

My Story: I was a normal, healthy, athletic 53-year-old in 2015, who simply had some abdominal pain and distention. All medical checkups were “normal” and I was in “great health,” so why worry? Then my abdomen started to grow faster than my diet would dictate “normal.” My MD requested an… Read More

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