Action Alert: #CancerVoice Action Day on Twitter

ovacThe Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) is joining with other cancer advocacy organizations through the One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) alliance for a Twitter action day on Tuesday, December 6. The point of this action day is to urge Members of Congress to include the Cancer Moonshot funding provided from the 21st Century Cures Act in a FY 2017 Continuing Resolution (CR). It is critical that we make every effort to ensure that the funds for the Cancer Moonshot are included in the CR so that the research proposals in the Blue Ribbon Panel report can be funded without further delay.

We need your help to make our collective voice as loud as possible! Please join us on Twitter and make it known that cancer research funding is vital.  Below you will find some tips and tricks for ensuring that your tweets have impact, as well as a list of suggested tweets that you can use throughout the course of the day.

Best Practices for Targeting Lawmakers on Twitter

  • Make sure you’re tweeting from a Twitter account that isn’t locked. Your tweets need to be public to have an impact.
  • Remember if you’re starting a tweet with a lawmaker’s handle, add a period before the handle so more than just the lawmaker can see the tweet (Example: .@YOURLAWMAKER please cosponsor our bill.) This is only necessary when you start a tweet with a handle.
  • It takes more than one tweet! Share this action day with others and ask them to be a part of this effort.
  • Hashtags count! Make sure you’re using the hashtag as part of the bigger campaign. That way, people can also click on the hashtag and see other posts and tweets that are part of the campaign. Please include #CancerVoice in all tweets.
  • Make sure it’s the lawmaker’s official account and not their campaign account (or a “fan” account). Go to their .gov website and click on the icon for Twitter. That’s their “official” page. No icon on their page? Then there’s a good chance the Twitter account you may have found by searching for their name is not their “official” page or account, and you shouldn’t tag it.
  • Tweet to the Appropriations leadership in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. These legislators are key decision-makers in the appropriations process.

Rep. Hal Rogers (KY) @RepHalRogers
Rep. Nita Lowey (NY) @NitaLowey
Sen. Thad Cochran (MS) @SenThadCochran
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (MD) @SenatorBarb

  • Tweet to your own Members of Congress as well. Need to find out who represents you in the House? Visit and use the search feature to find your Member of Congress. If you need to find out the names of your Senators, visit and use the search feature at the top left side of the page.

Suggested Tweets

As 1 of 15.5 mil cancer survivors in the US I’m asking @YOURLAWMAKER to fund #CancerMoonshot & help end cancer as we know it #CancerVoice

.@YOURLAWMAKER Please help me & millions of other patients & survivors & fund #CancerMoonshot this year before it’s too late! #CancerVoice

Cancer isn’t partisan. @YOURLAWMAKER pls act now & fund #CancerMoonshot. Patients & their loved ones care counting on you! #CancerVoice

It’s time to raise our #CancerVoice & ask @YOURLAWMAKER to fund #CancerMoonshot now. Cancer patients, survivors & families can’t wait!

.@YOURLAWMAKER life-saving cancer research is at risk. Please help us end cancer as we know it. Fund #CancerMoonshot now! #CancerVoice

.@LAWMAKER, please fund #Cures including the #CancerMoonshot to help end cancer as we know it. Time is running out! #CancerVoice

.@LAWMAKER, time is running out! Fund #Cures & #CancerMoonshot in this year’s budget and help end cancer as we know it #CancerVoice

Cancer patients/survivors/caretakers/doctors/nurses are calling on @LAWMAKER to fund the #CancerMoonshot this year and help end cancer as we know it. Time is running out! #CancerVoice

Each day I/we see the progress we are making against cancer. @LAWMAKER fund #Cures & the #CancerMoonshot & keep up the momentum. #CancerVoice

.@LAWMAKER now is the time for Congress to act & support our national investment in cancer research. Fund the #CancerMoonshot #CancerVoice

Cancer patients can’t wait @LAWMAKER. We need you to fund #CancerMoonshot and #Cures in the Continuing Resolution #CancerVoice

Please fund #CancerMoonshot in the Continuing Resolution @LAWMAKER. Cancer patients, survivors, families depending on you #CancerVoice

We can’t stop the progress in cancer research now @LAWMAKER! Fund #CancerMoonshot in continuing resolution #CancerVoice

Cancer touches everyone @LAWMAKER. We need you to help end cancer as we know it by funding #CancerMoonshot now #CancerVoice

We’re coming together with our #CancerVoice to ask you to fund #CancerMoonshot in the CR @LAWMAKER