Advocate Profile: Brittany Symonds

“I refuse to let cancer win. Cancer will not determine how I live.”
-Brittany Symonds
A sarcoma diagnosis can have a life changing impact on the lives of those in our communities, but one of our advocates and Race to Cure Sarcoma Tampa participants is showing us that we do not have to let this diagnosis take away from us what we love in life. 
Brittany Symonds was diagnosed in summer of 2015 with leiomyosarcoma in her leg after she was injured when playing softball. This led to more than 11 surgeries, radiation, multiple scans, and having to face the decision to amputate her leg. As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision, but Brittany knew that in order to improve her quality of life she would have to learn to live a new type of normal. After dealing with the loss of her above the knee amputation, she learned it was “ok to not be ok,” but then soon decided that she “couldn’t just be stagnate” and wasn’t going to let sarcoma stop her from living her best life.
All while trying to navigate the use of her new prosthetic she named Ziggy, Brittany decided not to let cancer keep her from doing what she loves. Brittany joined a crossfit gym where she is doing adaptive workouts. She now is able to do high intensity workouts and bend her prosthetic ways she would have never before imagined. 
Brittany is currently cancer-free but is fighting for those who are still in the midst of their diagnosis. This cause is near and dear to her heart as she continues to serve as an advocate by sharing her story and the importance of finding a cure for this disease. 
Click here to hear Brittany’s story in her own words.