Betty Muller Alvarez

candleOur beloved wife and mother, Betty Muller Alvarez, 72, passed away May 31, 2016, due to complications during surgery. She bravely fought and survived her chondrosarcoma for over seven years from the original diagnosis in February, 2009.

Betty was born on December 26, 1943, in Deming, New Mexico. She was always full of life, with a passionate soul, and a tremendous zest for learning new things. Over the years she fulfilled her creative side by crafting everything from macramé and crocheting, to stained glass-making, wood carving, and Japanese doll making. And while she was a master gardener and known for her expert green thumb, Betty was most known for being an award-winning master quilter and designer. As a member and past President of the East Cobb Quilt Guild, she was dedicated to quilting and the Guild for over 30 years.

She was a self-described “Air Force-brat,” which allowed her to live all over the world and fostered her desire to travel. Betty formed a tight bond with all three of her siblings, Jinx, Harry (Butch), and Sherry, as they moved from state to state and overseas. As the eldest, Betty helped care for her younger sister and brother after her mother’s passing at a young age, developing a special relationship with them that has lasted to this day.

Betty was a History major at Louisiana State University. While studying at LSU, she captured the eye of Lucas—a young, fresh-out-of-the-Army and newly-trained busboy—in the school cafeteria. While pretending to show no interest, she later declared to her friends, “Hands off!” the handsome boy with the heavy Cuban accent. From that moment, they became one of the greatest love stories ever to be told, marrying just after Betty’s graduation a year later, and were together always.

During their fifty years of marriage, they raised three children, Elizabeth, Michelle, and Daniel, and became grandparents to four beautiful grandchildren, Kailea, Madison, Dempsey, and Redding. Betty and Lucas had the exciting opportunity to live in Japan for five years, and in that time, traveled the world and had many adventures together with their family.

Betty was loved dearly by everyone who met her. Her vivacious smile, endearing personality, quick wit, and deep kindness to all, made her friends wherever she went. Her strength of character was known by everyone, and she was a true fighter during her bout with cancer. She not only fought for herself but consistently supported others in their shared fight with sarcoma, always providing positive words of encouragement when others needed them the most.

Chondrosarcoma is a rare disease within the cancer world, and very little is known about it. As such, it was Betty’s wish to ensure more attention is brought to finding a cure. On her behalf, we ask for your help toward continued research and awareness of this disease. We appreciate any donation made in her memory.