Children’s Artwork Competition

The Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) is holding a Children’s Artwork Contest to kick off Sarcoma Awareness Month this July.  Submissions will be accepted through July 22, 2024, and the winner will be announced at the end of July. The winning entry will be featured in SFA’s newsletter and appear on SFA’s 2024 holiday card.

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Artwork Guidelines

  • Artwork must incorporate a yellow ribbon and/or sunflower.
  • Artwork can be any size and any medium.
  • Artist must be 18 years or younger at the time the artwork is submitted.
  • Submissions must be original artwork.

Submission Rules

Mail to:
Sarcoma Foundation of America
9899 Main St, Ste 204
Damascus, MD 20872

Email to:
[email protected]


**SFA reserves the right to share artwork submissions on social media, email communications, printed materials, etc. SFA will have the right to display artwork at events.**