Christopher Alan Clines

Christopher (Chris) was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma cancer, Pheripheral Nerve Sheath Sarcoma, in August 2022 at 35 years old. His journey was long, painful, and grueling – yet through it all, he held onto a positive outlook, was hopeful and fought his hardest. He endured a challenging surgery in October 2022 to remove a 9 cm mass on his pelvic wall. Unfortunately, they were unable to remove all of it due to the location of the tumor. In January 2023, he began radiation treatments which were not effective and began AIM chemotherapy in mid-June 2023. He faced severe side effects and only completed 5 of 6 cycles of chemo. Chris entered a clinical trial in January 2024. Unfortunately, his tumors continued to grow so he was not able to finish the trial. He was given one more chemotherapy as a last-ditch effort but sadly it didn’t stop the cancer progression either. He was released from all treatment and entered into Hospice in May 2024. On June 24, 2024, Chris took his last breath with his mom and brother by his side.

Chris worked as an Accounting and Human Resource Coordinator for The Gallagher Law Firm, PLLC., throughout his various cancer treatments. Before that, Chris ventured into the world of culinary skills and trained at the Culinary Institute LeNotre. He was a great chef and we enjoyed all of his creations while he was training and after! His personality was big! His smiles and antics will never be forgotten. He has given his family and friends so many awesome memories to hold onto. He has been an inspiration to us, and we have much admiration for his strength, courage and bravery through his journey. Christopher will be missed!