2023 Compassionate Care Award Nomination

Thank a navigator* for their dedication and valuable contributions to the sarcoma community by nominating them for the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA)’s Compassionate Care Award!  SFA recognizes the important role these individuals play in the sarcoma patient journey and would like to celebrate their outstanding support of sarcoma patients.

*(navigator defined as nurse/clinical, community health worker, social worker in the role of a navigator)

The Compassionate Care Award recognizes a navigator (clinical/nurse, community health worker, social worker in the role of a navigator) for his or her outstanding contributions to patient care, support, and education. Sarcoma is a challenging disease to navigate alone, and many sarcoma patients need additional support. Navigators assist patients from diagnosis to survivorship, helping them understand their condition and treatments as well as manage side effects; coordinate care among medical specialists; and connect patients to available community resources to overcome barriers to care. They can also help patients manage their psychosocial needs, such as work, school, and home environments; relationships; mental and emotional health; and financial concerns. Standing with them through each step of the sarcoma patient journey, navigators are making a difference in the lives of sarcoma patients every day with patient care, support, and education.

The Compassionate Care Award will be presented at the 2023 Stand Up to Sarcoma Gala held in New York City.  Stand Up to Sarcoma is a signature event of the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA), highlighting outstanding sarcoma advocates with the Courage Award. Honoring a researcher or doctor investigating groundbreaking research with the Nobility in Science Award and recognizing an organization or person in recognition of the honoree’s efforts to advance the care and treatment of sarcoma, bringing hope to patients and survivors with the Vision of Hope Award.  If your Compassionate Care Award nominee is selected as the awardee, you will attend the gala and present the award to him or her.

Please complete the form below to nominate someone for the 2023 Compassionate Care Award. 

Award consideration is based on the following:

    • Nominee must be in a role as a navigator (clinical/nurse, community health worker, social worker) supporting sarcoma patients at a medical/cancer institution.
    • Brief narrative that highlights the contribution to patient care, support and education.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

2023 Compassionate Care Award Nomination

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