Daniel Jacob Villafan

Daniel Villafan 1Daniel Villafan 2I am so very sad to say that time is running short for a special boy in my life, Daniel Villafan, and his battle against Cancer. He will be leaving behind three brothers including his twin Matthew Villafan. At the early age of only 14, Daniel’s doctors have run out of treatment options to fight back against the Rhabdomyosarcoma tumor he was originally diagnosed with in 2011. His tumor is rapidly spreading all over his head and due to the massive size it has grown to be, he is now blind and confined to bed-rest.

The hospital and Daniel have decided to cease further surgeries as he has already gone through more than nine priors, each one involving extreme risk of complications and more and more recovery time. Now Daniel is able to live out the rest of his short life in the comfort of his home with his family and friends.

Daniel has been one of the toughest, most inspiring young men throughout his life and has inspired so many people with his compassion, fearlessness, and bravery. He still, to this day, has the very best attitude even though the cancer has already taken away his eyesight, sense of smell, and almost the ability to breathe or eat. There is a strong presence of God that is truly evident surrounding Daniel. Anyone near him can feel that God is holding him tight throughout this time of suffering. This spiritual presence radiates from Daniel’s every word and attitude. He has taught so much to others about how to overcome challenges regardless of what we face in life and how to do it lovingly and gracefully through faith in God.

Daniel Villafan 3Daniel Villafan 4Help is desperately needed to give Daniel a special burial. We are planning to bury Daniel with a huge Lion monument above his grave to symbolize the bravery he has shown during his life and his battle against this horrible disease. The Lion will protect him from evil as he leaves this life and continues on his journey forward. This is what Daniel has requested. There is no way to tell exactly when he will pass. Daniel’s grandfather has already bought a grave plot at Old Scotch Church Cemetery in Hillsboro, Oregon, near other family and love ones. At this time Daniel struggles daily to eat or to even take a breath, so time is critical to make the final arrangements needed. Please pray for Daniel and for his suffering to be over. Thank you for your help and prayers.

Please send or share this request to as many people as possible. Thank you all for your love and support.


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