Evan Mario Macrone

Evan Mario Macrone lost his battle with cancer on March 15, 2017. He passed away peacefully and painlessly with loving care by the staff of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles surrounded by his family of Dominic, Katherine, Mike, Gavin and his friend Matthew and mom Bev by his side the entire time. He will be missed and mourned on this earth by his entire family, his friends, his teachers, his scout leaders and troop members, his classmates, and the adults who also loved being with him. Evan – Mom and Dad and Gavin and Mike miss you every day. Mom kisses you goodnight in your bed and says good morning to you each day. Your dad misses you so much each night. Your brother talks do you every day. We love you more than anything in the whole entire universe. Being your parents has made us better people and we are dedicating the rest of our lives to making sure we give back to others and be the people your spirit would want us to be.

Evan received the Spirit of Eagle Award April 10th from his Scout Troop 22 recognizing the bravery with which he fought and his scout spirit of never giving up and showing scout spirit every day. He deserves this so much, he was working on his Eagle Merit Badges even on his last flight (Family Life).

Evan your Mom and Dad and Brothers Gavin and Mike will never forget you and we will see you soon in the eternal world. Your spirit will not die. You will live on in the gifts you have given others for how to live life to the fullest.