Frank Phat Chau

Frank Phat Chau epitomized carpe diem when it comes to life. He lived it the way he wanted it to and did things on his own terms. He was an adventurous brother who traveled all over the globe and an avid athlete who participated in basketball tournaments, triathalons, warrior dash, and many marathons. We all looked up to him because he was brave in doing what he wanted and knowing what priorities were in life. He was the best son and brother anyone could have; and throughout life he made so many friends that they will attest that he was the best friend anyone can have. He would do anything for his buddies and if one of them felt sad, not only was he there to listen, but he truly felt the same sadness until the friend felt happier.

Frank fought rhabdomyosarcoma for over 4 years. Through out this time he braved through chemo and radiation treatment. In the end god decided that his body has endured enough and wanted him to be by his side on May 19, 2018. He is enjoying himself in heaven and watching out for all of us. He will be missed tremendously and no one can ever replace his shining spirit.