Gary Householder

Gary was first diagnosed in 2016 with a very rare solitary fibrous tumor in his abdomen. A successful resection of the tumor allowed him to enjoy over 4 years “cancer free”, before a metastasis showed up in lungs. A second resection in 2020 for this metastasis went well but a CT scan 6 months later showed numerous small tumors throughout his lungs and with it began a long search for any chemo that would be effective. From June 2021-Oct 2022, he tried every combination with any literature evidence, 1 Clinical trial, and 2 highly experimental treatments based on tumor genetics. Unfortunately, no treatment tried showed efficacy for more than a round (6-8 weeks treatment) before rapid growth returned, and Gary passed away on 10/15/22 surrounded by his wife and 4 children.

Gary was taken far too soon but his impact on those around him will live on. He was a loving husband, father to 4 children, and grandfather to 10 grandchildren.

He received incredible care through the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Oncology team and their new Precision medicine team and hoped that his experience and any donations can help advance the understanding of this rare tumor to help future patients.