Glenys Perry

My mom was a Welsh warrior. She married my dad in her home country of Wales and then left her home and family to come to a country where she knew nobody. Strong doesn’t even begin to describe her. She came her and made a home and raised a family.

October of 2013 she was diagnosed with Sarcoma. She had a rather large tumor in her right thigh. She endured surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. She never complained or even said she felt badly even though we knew better. When something stopped working or didn’t work she was ready for the next option. There was no giving up. I am still in Awe of how she handled everything. She will always be my hero.

In November of 2014 they found a mass in her brain and spent three weeks in hospital. Again she showed them just how strong she was by getting herself stable enough to be able to come home.

I had the absolute honor of being there to take care of her once she came home with hospice. She was there when I took my first breath and I was there when she took her last. I miss her so very much. An amazing lady and I’m so proud to call her my mum.