Evaluation of the oncogenic potential of genes within the 1q23 amplicon

Alexander Beeser, PhD,  Kansas State University
Recipient of the: $25,000 Blake Cadkin Memorial Research Award

Comparative genomic hybridization identified amplification of 1q23 to be associated with liposarcomas. Further analyses of 1q23 narrowed down the candidate “driver” genes to two; DUSP12 (encoding a dual-specificity phosphatase) and ATF6 (a transcription factor of the unfolded protein response). We propose to assess the specific consequences of DUSP12/ATF6 over-expression by creating stable inducible cell lines as models of 1q23 amplification. The consequences of specific DUSP12 or ATF6 over-expression on MAP Kinase and other cancer-relevant signaling pathways will be evaluated. Identification of these pathways may expose novel vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the treatment of sarcomas by accelerating translational therapeutics.