Barbara Arnold

Barbara ArnoldIn December of 2014, Barb was admitted to Wooster Hospital after Dr. Tina Nelson diagnosed her with a large goiter while experiencing a thyroid storm. In January 2015, she met with Dr. Georgiana Dobri an endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic who used medication to keep her thyroid under control. The medication did not address the large goiter so Barb decided upon the recommendation of Dr. Georgiana that she would have her thyroid surgically removed. After months of feeling sick and not being able to stand up from the sitting position, in March 2015, Barb’s thyroid was removed by Dr. Eren Berber at the Cleveland Clinic main campus. About two weeks after the thyroid was removed the pathologist report came back that it contained an angiosarcoma, which was a surprise to everyone. “This just doesn’t happen!” became the mantra of all of us — family and physicians alike.

After more tests and many results later it was decided that Barb would have 33 rounds of radiation and after that 12 rounds of chemo. Barb completed all of these treatments with dignity and grace. We are celebrating her 70th Birthday on April 10th and she has requested that we set up this page so each of you who love and care about her can give donations to Sarcoma research in honor of her birthday instead of gifts!

We thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Her children-
Steve, Beth, Sarah, and Teresa