Audrey Christ Farley, MD

Farley, Audrey CIMG1557Farley, Audrey DSCN0033Audrey Christ Farley of Brighton, Colorado was born December 25, 1957 in Chicago – as her mother always said, a “Christmas Angel.” Audrey was driven by hope and strength all her life. Her unwavering conviction that she would conquer leiomyosarcoma was an inspiration to all those around her for the 9 years she fought the cancer. She was a winner in every sense of the word, and even cancer could never diminish her love of life and her eternal optimism. It could never take away everything that is Audrey.

Audrey’s work was one of her true passions. As the first director of the Brighton Salud Women’s Health Center and a physician there for nearly two decades, she brought love, hope, and healing not only to her patients, but also to her coworkers. The Salud family was a source of joy and support for her through the good times and the bad. Audrey took great pride in her work and was so devoted that she continued seeing patients right up until a week before her death.

Farley, Audrey CIMG2363Hiking was another one of Audrey’s passions. She summited 14 fourteeners, most of them during the nine years she had cancer. A 4th-degree black belt, her kids were proud to say that their mom could kick anyone’s butt. She continued doing Taekwon-Do throughout years of chemotherapy and surgeries. Her indomitable spirit inspired everyone whose life she touched. She was truly the epitome of toughness. Once, when asked by one of her doctors whether a painful treatment had stung like a bee, she said, “yeah – a sissy bee!” Audrey was no sissy bee.

Above all, Audrey fiercely loved her three children, Becca, Ben and Brie. She took infinite pride in their accomplishments and exploits. She shared her wisdom and her strength and inspired her children to be the best people they could be. Her love and lessons will live on and guide them forever. She was the best mother in the world.