Kim Strohbehn

This page is in honor of Kim Strohbehn of Ellicott City, Maryland.

My dad was an amazing person – he was kind, funny, brilliant, curious and just wonderful. He was devoted to his work in helping mankind explore the cosmos and devoted to his family. He lost his battle with dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma on January 14, 2018, despite a valiant effort to rebuff its merciless spread. To honor my dad, I want to do EVERYTHING I can to eradicate sarcoma–of all kinds–from this planet. It’s time to find a cure–please help us honor my wonderful father and all of the people who have lost their battles with this brutal illness.  — Xochitl Strohbehn


Kim was a member of our team from its inception nearly 17 years ago. The CRISM infrared imaging spectrometer that he helped to design, build, and operate has greatly pushed back the frontiers of Mars exploration, by finding rock formations that formed in habitable water environments. Kim led development of the instrument’s gimbal, a piece of technology that made possible CRISM’s high spatial resolution. The data that Kim made possible have led to nearly a thousand published papers, and selection of the landing sites for future Mars missions. We miss Kim terribly. But his accomplishments live on.  — The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CRISM team