Lewis Parnham

Lewis Parnham was the only child of Sarah and Stuart Parnham.  Lewis was first diagnosed with the rare and aggressive bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma at the age of 19.  Lewis at the time had been studying overseas at Hallam University in Sheffield and had decided to take a break from his studies.  He started working at Whole Foods in Mount Pleasant, SC, when he first started to get pain in his left shoulder.  The pain would not go away and continued to grow in intensity and eventually a lump started to appear.  An MRI and biopsy quickly identified this as Ewing sarcoma.  Lewis then entered into a brutal chemotherapy and radiation treatment regime that few patients survive.  Throughout his treatments Lewis continued to go to work at Whole Foods, which is a true testament to his strength, courage and tenacity.  Lewis eventually beat his cancer into remission where it remained for nearly 2 years.  Lewis and his family moved to Chapel Hill, NC, and he immediately started to work for Chapel Hill Moving Company.  Then in November 2019, he and his family received the devastating news that his cancer had returned in his shoulder.  Lewis never gave up hope and remained adamant that he would beat it again.  After the first two chemotherapy treatments failed, Lewis had surgery to remove his left shoulder blade.  Despite getting an all clear on the margins his cancer had already spread to his lungs and spine.  Lewis fought with every ounce of his being and continued to be an inspiration to others that even when the odds are against you you should never give in.  Lewis never gave up even as he succumbed to his cancer.  Lewis never lost his loving and caring nature and always put the needs of others ahead of his own even in the midst of his suffering.  He always made time to tell his wife how beautiful and amazing she looked.  He worried more for the people he was leaving behind than he did himself.  Lewis will always remain an inspiration to everyone who knew him and I hope to all those who read this.  He will always be with us even in death.