Lindsey Jo Bolton

Our journey started when Mama had to have a hysterectomy due to fibroids in her uterus. They were large, inflamed, some hardened, but together were the size of a 8-9 month pregnancy. She jokingly called it her baby. They caused her tremendous pain. She had all the test ran prior to surgery to check for cancer and all showed nothing. On May 13, she had a radical hysterectomy and they ended up cutting her from below her belly button to half way up her belly. She did well through surgery. She was released to go home on May 15. We got her settled and she was on her way to healing. She was having some pains in her shoulder but chalked it up to laying around too much and being sore or some how pulling a muscle. On May 18, she asked to be taken to the ER. She was hurting really bad and having a hard time breathing. She was scared she had a blood clot. They did scans and xrays. The ER Dr told her she had good news-no clots, bad news-she has cancer in her lungs and back and needed to see a specialist ASAP. On May 20, we got a call from the Dr that performed the surgery and said pathology results were in and that cancer present in the masses they removed. On May 21, we met with the oncologist and got the official word and they gave it a name. Our Precious Mama has stage 4 metastatic uterine sarcoma. It started in the outer tissues of the uterus and spread to her lungs and bones. That mysterious shoulder pain…was from the cancer. Her shortness of breath…was from the cancer. Cancer that had not been seen or detected just a few weeks before. Treatment was the only option. We are going to beat this. We started the treatment process and getting appointments scheduled and getting everything lined up. Tests and scans that needed to be done prior to beginning the treatment process. May 26-27, her oxygen levels began to drop and she was unable to keep them up on her own without assistance and she was ordered oxygen. She started radiation on May 30. Had a second round on the May 31. On June 1, things started getting a little strange with having trouble speaking and oxygen levels that would drop with any exertion or cough. We thought maybe it was a new medication they gave her and didn’t give her any more. On June 2 we decided that she needed to go to the ER to get checked out because something wasn’t right. They immediately took xrays and ordered a CT. In a few hours after she’s been admitted to ICU we find out the cancer has spread. And it’s not good. She’s beyond treatment. Her poor body had fought all it could against this horrible disease. The aggressiveness and rapidness was unpredictable.

At 8:53 AM on June 4, 2019, that nasty cancer took her from us.