Matt Hansen

Matt Hansen-2
Matt has touched the lives of many of us during his time at Epic – as a friend, a mentor, and an Epic rock star. Matt has always been an awesome colleague, and this donation is one way we can thank Matt for his contributions and show the magnitude of his awesomeness over the past 13 years.

We have chosen to donate to the Sarcoma Foundation of America in honor of Matt Hansen, joining together with other like-minded supporters who want to see a cure for sarcoma.

It’s faster and easier than ever to work together on raising money for the cure for sarcoma. Sarcoma, a rare cancer of the connective tissues, affects not only the 50,000 people living in the US with a sarcoma diagnosis but also their friends, families and neighbors.

Your tax-deductible gift—any amount helps—will make a difference in the lives of many!

Sarcoma Foundation of America advocates for increased research funding to find innovative new therapies to treat sarcoma patients. Dollars raised help to privately fund research grants and to conduct education and advocacy efforts on behalf of sarcoma patients.

For more information about the Sarcoma Foundation of America, please visit