My Sarcoma Story – Melissa

Melissa’s Story:  I was on top of the world that year. I had remarried the most wonderful man, my youngest of 3 sons had just graduated from High School, my work life was the best it had ever been, my other kids were doing well. Life was good at 47 years old!

The small painful lump in my back was a minor annoyance and I only went to the doctor after my husband urged me to. At first, I was told it was nothing, but then it grew, quickly. I went in for my second scan. I remember that day, I was in Boston at a conference when my doctor called. It was Sarcoma. “What is that?” I asked. “It is cancer, and it is aggressive, you have to find a specialist now.” My life would never be the same.

As I write this 3 years later, I know that God has a purpose for me even in this painful and emotional journey. Through radiation, chemo, surgeries, open wounds, and hospital stays, I have been humbled and encouraged by the strength and resilience of those who fight this vicious disease. We go through life knowing about these things but until we experience it for ourselves, we cannot truly understand the emotional and physical toll cancer takes on the patient, our family, friends, and co-workers.  I am so thankful for my family and friends and their constant support. Most of all, I know in my heart that God has walked with me every step of every day. So many times, when I needed encouragement, he would place someone in my path. In turn, I have had the privilege of being able to pray for and encourage others.

I have been in remission for a little over a year now. I go for scans every 3 months to see if there are any changes. Yes, the anxiety is there every 3 months as I pray for peace over the results. I also pray every day for the research efforts to find a cure. The Sarcoma Race for the Cure is one of many ways you can help to make new treatments a reality. Every cent counts.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I began a blog. I truly cannot tell you how it came about other than I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to share this part of my life. The blog posts came to me so easily and became a great source of therapy and release. My hope is that they will speak to others who travel this road and encourage them. You are not alone!

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