My Sarcoma Story – Stacy

Stacy’s Story:

I am a 47-year-old wife to my very best friend Bill. He has been my number one supporter. I am also lucky enough to be a mom to my gorgeous children Zach and Zoe. Zach is 19 and is a brilliant sophomore in college and Zoe is 15 and about to enter the world of driving… wish us luck. I completely adore them.

November of 2015 I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. My life as I knew it had changed. I remember telling myself that every single day of my fight I was going to smile because I had the biggest reason too – my family. They have been by my side throughout this journey. The support and love and kindness of others is overwhelming and I was not going to let this cancer take away my smile.

I decided to take up running and signed up for a race. Race day came and I was off running my first race with a big giant smile. At the end I saw my beautiful family, and heard them calling my name and that’s when it hit me – I have a new definition, I’m a runner! I signed up for a half marathon. The tears came streaming down my face. I’m doing this and there was my smile. Running became part of my routine. My definition became broader, healthy and athletic. I signed up for a triathlon. I was riding my bike and the tears flowed. I was doing this. My smile appeared and my definition became broader.
So when I was told that I would not run again I didn’t cry, I smiled. Because now I have a new definition… survivor. It’s the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced but the one I’m going to win. And every day I smile.

Words of Wisdom:I had mets to my lung in June and had a lobectomy of my right middle lobe. The mets are back in my lung so I’m receiving chemo again. I firmly believe in being positive and finding your smile every day. It helps you beat this beast and it helps your family and friends to see your smile. Do not let cancer steal your smile. All my love to those sarcoma warriors and their families. 💛 Stacy

Role of the Sarcoma Foundation of America: I hope with the help of the Sarcoma Foundation of America they can help find a cure and more options in helping us combat this disease.

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