National Cancer Research Month


SFA is proud to participate in recognizing National Cancer Research Month. This month highlights the importance of life-saving research to the millions of people around the world affected by cancer.

Join us in support of this awareness month as we focus on the significance of advancing sarcoma research and supporting patients and their families. This month is an important moment to unite our voices against sarcoma.

Sarcoma is a rare and aggressive cancer, and research is critical to finding new treatments and improving outcomes for those affected by sarcoma. At SFA, we’re committed to funding innovative research to advance the fight against sarcoma. In fact, in the past 22 years, SFA has funded over 200 sarcoma research grants, totaling over $14 million invested in sarcoma research. Our grant recipients have gone on to develop new treatments and therapies that have improved the lives of countless sarcoma patients.

In 2022, 19 new research grants were funded through SFA’s grant program totaling nearly $1 million. Check out our 2022 awardees and their sarcoma research here. At SFA, we’re committed to funding meritorious research projects across the spectrum of sarcoma subtypes. Learn more about subtypes here.

We hope you will consider a gift to SFA and make a difference for patients, caregivers, and their families. Your thoughtful donation will fuel research, and support those affected by sarcoma during the most difficult times.