Tom Peroulas


Tom Peroulas - Sarcoma Survivor & Supporter

Tom Peroulas is a 3 year survivor of chondrosarcoma of the acetabulum, the part of the pelvis where the femur connects to form the hip joint. Removal of the tumor is a long and complex orthopedic procedure requiring a wide resection to minimize likelihood of recurrence. Reconstructive options to restore mobility are limited and marked by a range of functional outcomes, risks and proclivities in the medical community.

In 2013, Tom underwent a 16 hour surgery to remove half of the left side of his pelvis and transpose the hip joint to the remaining bone stock. Prior to his surgery, Tom was an avid cyclist, rugby player and coach. Although his mobility is impaired, Tom has found new ways to stay active, fit and engaged in the community.

Through his experience, Tom has found a deeper appreciation for life and passion for giving back to help those struggling or yet to be diagnosed. Tom became active with the SFA in 2016, providing leadership in fundraising and awareness for the inaugural Race to Cure Sarcoma Chicago. Through the Internet and social media, Tom has connected with other pelvic chondrosarcoma patients, sharing trials and tribulations, providing hope, and advocating for patient-driven innovation in orthopedic oncology.

Tom lives in Chicago with his wife, Rebecca, and three children.

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