Race to Cure Sarcoma Chicago – Kate’s Story

My Story—and Why Fund SFA

I was a healthy, athletic 53-year-old in 2015, who simply had some abdominal pain and distention. No one noticed, even in a bathing suit. All medical checkups were ‘normal’ and ‘great health’, so why worry? Then, my abdomen started to grow, and within months, it was difficult to button my pants. Surgery was performed to remove what was thought to be fibroids and a degenerating cyst in my uterus. They removed 10 pounds of uterus and 10 cm of what turned out to be the rare disease, Leiomyosarcoma (uLMS). Diagnosis came 8 days after surgical removal. U LMS is a rare and aggressive and to-date, incurable, cancer. I was told to ‘get my affairs in order’ and ‘say my good-byes’ on the day before Thanksgiving. At 53, suddenly I was told I might be dying.

I am still here! And I am raising funds for my ‘disease family’ alongside the Sarcoma Foundation of America, who gives those of us changed by this disease– hope for our futures. The foundation works across the country to build awareness and to raise funds. I am grateful. Sarcoma is not a ‘normal cancer’, the oncologists will tell you. For 50% of us, the chemo’s and radiations prescribed, do nothing for us. New treatments are needed. More than 9,000 people each year are diagnosed with sarcoma, and as many as 6,000 people each year die of sarcoma.

Why contribute? Because between 1500 and 1700 US children EACH YEAR are diagnosed with a bone
or soft-tissue sarcoma. Can you imagine being a parent and being told it is so rare that there may be
limited (if any) treatment options? Sarcoma makes up about 20 percent of all cancers in children
under the age of 20. We need the work of the SFA to help find answers.

Each year, we will form our Chicago team and walk to raise funds for SFA, for research, for hope, for
cures, for life. October 27, 2018 =Race to Cure Sarcoma Chicago. Join me or fund me and my team
“Kickin it with Katie” to help the future adults and children of our country grow up with hope and
answers and treatments that work against this nefarious disease. Thank you with all my heart and God
bless you.