RTCS Chicago – Fabi’s Story

Fabi, a volunteer and team captain from the 2016 Race to Cure Sarcoma Chicago shares why she’s involved.

Fabi and Josh waivedI will be tackling our inaugural Race to Cure Sarcoma Chicago in honor of my fiancé, Josh Powell.   Josh has been fighting this war against Sarcoma since he was diagnosed in November of 2014, two months after we met.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Josh, know that he is the most mentally and physically strong individual I have ever met (hence why I am marrying the man). Out of high school he got recruited to play football at West Point and after graduating he earned his Army Ranger tab.

We need the research! He’s done everything the doctors have told him he needs to do to beat this thing and now I’m asking for your help so he can complete the mission! He deserves to be on the other side of this disease so we can continue to enjoy this beautiful life we have begun building together, as does everybody else facing a similar journey.