Race to Cure Sarcoma Milwaukee – Brendan

The Race to Cure Sarcoma™ means hope. As a caregiver, watching my wife battle this disease for two years was scary and heartbreaking. Finding a way to treat and cure sarcoma is an essential part of what give us hope in the future. Once you become a patient or caregiver, finding a cure has a deeper meaning. It literally becomes a matter of life or death and no one should EVER have to go through that.

Being involved in the race and raising money gives me a purpose. A way to contribute and make a difference for someone else….and that is meaningful.

My wife said, “Having Hope doesn’t make you naive, it doesn’t make you oblivious to your situation. Hope simply gives you strength to fight. Hope gives you a reason to believe. Hope gives you a chance to defy the odds and know that YOU can be that “one in a million” because after all, it has to be someone, so why cant it be you!”