RTCS Philadelphia – Emilie’s Story

One of our volunteers and team captains, Emilie Joly, shares why she’s involved in the Race to Cure Sarcoma Philadelphia.

Emilie pic waivedI care about supporting the Sarcoma Foundation of America and participating in their Race to Cure Sarcoma Philadelphia because I lost my mom to leiomyosarcoma in 2013, just THREE months after her diagnosis.

When she was diagnosed, I scrambled to find out more information and treatment options. Before her diagnosis I had never heard of it. I struggled to find much information about leiomyosarcoma, and it seemed even more difficult to find treatment options in the Lehigh Valley/Philadelphia area.

My whole family, including my mom, felt pretty hopeless with the lack of information available. It’s important to me to help raise money for research in her memory because while it’s considered “rare,” millions of people are affected by sarcoma – patients, friends, family, communities and loved ones – and no one should feel as if their situation is hopeless. Please help me, and others affected by sarcoma, keep hope alive!

Together we will move mountains to make this happen.