Research Grants FAQ

Q:  When are grant applications due?

A:  Grant proposals are due by January 31, 2020, at 5:00 pm (EST).  Applications must be submitted electronically at proposalCENTRAL.

Q:  Are researchers located outside of the United States eligible for SFA research grants?

A:  Yes.  The SFA does accept applications from researchers outside of the US.  However, grant awardees must be able to accept funds in US dollars.

Q:  Are there any duration restrictions for projects applied for under this grant?

A:  SFA grants are for a one year period.  This period typically runs from June 1 to May 31.

Q:  What kind of research will the SFA fund?

A:  The SFA will only accept applications that focus on the following areas of research:

• Omic characterization of sarcomas and definition of novel targets
• Omic patterns of sensitivity and resistance to existing agents
• Systemic therapy combinations
• Immunotherapy
• Gene Therapy

Q:  Are there any restrictions on the length of the research proposal attachment?

A:  Applicants must upload one PDF attachment containing biosketches, a proposal, and references.  Biosketches, not CVs, are specifically requested to minimize submission length.  Do not submit manuscripts or journal articles. This attachment is limited to six pages.  Applications with attachments exceeding six pages will not be accepted.  A facilities and research disclosure form must be attached separately and does not count toward the proposal’s six page limit.

Q:  Can awarded grant money be used to fund PI salaries?

A:  The SFA does not permit funds to be used for PI salaries.  However, applicants are permitted to request money for the payment of salaries for non-faculty post-docs, fellows, and technicians. No more than 50 percent of SFA grant money can be used for salaries.  Applications requesting more than this amount will not be accepted.

Q:  Can any of the funds be used for indirect costs?

A:  We do allow for up to 10 percent in indirect funds.  However, $50,000 is the total award for both direct and indirect costs.  Up to $5,000 of the $50,000 can be allotted for indirect costs.

Q:  Is there a requirement to submit a final report to the SFA at the end of the one-year grant period?

A:  Yes, the SFA does require that all grant awardees submit a final report.  A final financial report is also required.