Rheanna Bryant

Rheanna Dawn Bryant

What a wonderful soul Rheanna was inside and out! She was a beloved daughter, sister and a wonderful mother to her son Aiden and loved by so many friends. Only a month before her tragedy started she managed to take her son to Disney world while in pain.

Rheanna started her battle through several misdiagnosis while at home waiting for more schedule tests to diagnose her pain she suffered a stroke. She had to have brain surgery to remove the blood in her brain and then was moved to a rehab. Here she learned to walk again and also how to write with her left hand because of the paralysis on her right arm. While in rehab she received the devastating news of her very rare (only documented case of this type of sarcoma in the United States at that time) sarcoma. She had a new outlook on life and remained positive and vowed to go back to college and add to her bachelors degree to be a physical therapist.

About a month after receiving her diagnosis of her sarcoma she gave up her battle with cancer at the age of 31.

Please donate and share her story so maybe we can see a cure for this devastating disease.