Rick Bierly

Three years ago, I was on a train into Manhattan, NY with my dad, Rick Bierly, talking about his work in pharmaceuticals and biotech. He had a particular interest in breast cancer and prostate cancer, which he followed in his career because my mom, grandmother, and my sister, had/have breast cancer and his two older brothers had prostate cancer.

He said to me “this world is constantly full of obstacles that you must anticipate, assess, and overcome.” Very characteristic of him. It’s a phrase I wrote down that day, and keep in mind in my day-to-day. And although I’m struggling to find strength in it at this time, I know he’d want us to overcome the grief we are experiencing in these few days without him.

On behalf of my mom and sisters—Nancy Bierly, Kristen Bierly and Suzanne Bierly—I, Lauren Bierly, dedicate this page and fund to his memory with determination to overcome the mystery of sarcomas like myofibroblastic sarcoma, which took my dad too quick and too soon.

Thank you for your donations in his name and your support of the Sarcoma Foundation of America to find a cure.