Rob McCormick

Rob was diagnosed with Dedifferentiated Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma in February of 2021. Under the care of Emory and the sarcoma team, he underwent a successful removal and resection in April of 2021. Rob recovered well and enjoyed 8 months of pain free life. During that time he made many trips and memories with wife, children and visited his extended family. He even participated in his military duties during drill weekends and a 3 week TDY. Around Thanksgiving time frame, Rob’s back began hurting. He had scans in August that were clear, as well as scans prior to the removal of 3 spots on his lung. The back pain was attributed to a herniated disc. In December 2021, he had successful removal of nodules with only one being cancerous. But by mid January 2022, Rob was in extreme pain and not feeling well. A trip to the local doctor led to a CT Scan that revealed a new, large mass in the same area as before. Rob underwent life altering surgery in February, and fought sepsis in the hospital for over a month. He underwent other treatments offered, and all were unsuccessful. In early June of 2022, Rob made the brave choice to live out his days with quality. He returned home under hospice care and enjoyed weeks with his family and lots of friends visiting. He made his decision based on his faith that death is only the beginning; “We are confident, and would prefer to be absent from the body, and to be present with The Lord”. 2 Corinthians 5:8.

He leaves his wife and three children, as well as a host of extended family and friends. In honor of Rob, we would love to support, educate, and advocate for treatment for this “silent” cancer that affects thousands every year. Our hope is that other families are able to find resources, hope, and connection through this foundation and it’s offerings. And we would love to find a cure for this awful disease.