Sarcoma Petitions

Petitions have become an important tool to mobilize stakeholders to advocate for policy changes and other actions.  The Sarcoma Foundation of America does, from time to time, participate in petitions.  One example is the petition to request a Presidential Proclamation designating July as Sarcoma Awareness Month. Typically, the SFA stays neutral on most petitions as we have a responsibility to represent all sarcoma patients.  We do feel it is important to provide a venue for stakeholders in the sarcoma community to share their petitions with others.  For this reason, we have created this webpage.  Unless otherwise denoted, the Sarcoma Foundation of America is not for or against any of the petitions listed.


This petition was created by and is supported by the Sarcoma Foundation of America


Legalize MTP-PE, a life saving drug for the treatment of (Osteo)Sarcoma- a rare cancer.