September Warrior – Kamora

Kamora - #115 - WarriorMy 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma in January 2015. We found a good size lump on the back of her right thigh. She did not feel any pain, as she thought it was normal, just part of her thigh. I quickly made a doctor’s appointment, and took all the necessary steps – MRI and then a biopsy. As a parent you never want to hear it’s cancer. Our hearts sank that day and all of the “what ifs” started to run wild. I truly must say my little warrior kept us positive and moving forward. As a family we knew keeping positive, laughter, love, prayer and strength was the key to get us all through this. Kamora had a extra wide excision to remove her tumor in February. Margins were clear! She went home with a drain and crutches. It was a rough few weeks, but she was a trooper! She worked hard at home with her school work and trying to be independent with her crutches. Always had a smile on her face. It took her roughly two months for her to walk on her own, and the day she started to walk on her own is a day I will never forget! Kamora ended up needing physical therapy for a month to help strengthen her leg. Kamora is now a very active girl. She loves riding her bike, singing, dancing, and jumping in the trampoline. She even finished a 5K! I’m so proud of her! She is still dealing with the minor aches and pains, but that’s not going to stop her! She recently had her four month scan and her MRI and X-ray are clear! A great start to her long journey! Kamora is going to need an MRI and X-ray every four months for two years, and then every six months for two years, and then one a year for the rest of her life. My daughter is my warrior. Through all the obstacles that has been thrown in her life at such a young age, to see her overcome them it’s truly amazing. My heart goes out to all of you Warriors out there! Stay strong and positive!

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