Susan Millward

Susan was diagnosed in Spring 2018 with chondroblastic osteosarcoma (COS). COS is a rare tumor, usually found in children and young adults. The tumor type was difficult to diagnose because the location of the tumor and Susan’s age were atypical. After two brain surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, Susan experienced a lull in symptoms, and then the tumor quickly spread. We lost Susan on September 9, 2019.

Susan deeply wanted to contribute to the understanding of this rare and poorly-understood disease. While undergoing treatment, Susan worked with researchers at NIH National Cancer Institute and Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. She requested that her body be donated for research, in order to further understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of COS.

Susan’s family wants to honor her request to contribute to finding a cure, and appreciates any donation.

Thank you,

George Millward, Sara Millward, Jess Millward, Aaron Goldman, & Pax Tirrell