Epithelioid Sarcoma Infographic

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Epithelioid Sarcoma Infographic

For Sarcoma Awareness Month, Epizyme has developed an infographic to spread awareness for epithelioid sarcoma. Click here to download the infographic in its entirety.               

Sarcoma Awareness Month

  July is upon us! Each person in the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) community has the power to make an impact and help increase awareness for this relentless cancer. Let’s come together to generate needed resources for research. Interested in helping during Sarcoma Awareness Month? Check out our ONE STOP SHOP for everything Sarcoma Awareness Month. Help spread the word by sharing this page with others.     1. Start Out the Month by signing our White House petition. The sarcoma advocacy community has joined forces on a petition urging the White House to officially designate the month of July as…  Read More »

A Letter to Vice President Biden

Today’s post comes to us from Brendan Locke.  Brendan’s wife Melissa was diagnosed with sarcoma in January 2016.  Since that time, her disease has been at the forefront of their lives. As you might imagine, Brendan has made it his mission to see that she receives the best treatment possible.  He has also made advocacy and sarcoma awareness a significant priority, working not only to improve things for Melissa, but also to serve as a voice for the greater good.  Brendan recently wrote to Vice President Joe Biden, the force behind the Cancer Moonshot initiative, to share Melissa’s story and bring attention to the needs…  Read More »

Take Action: Sarcoma Awareness Month

The pages on the calendar have quickly turned and July is again upon us.  For most, July means freedom from school, a summer vacation, or celebrating our nation’s independence.  But those of us in the sarcoma community know that this month means something else as well.  As we know, July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Why do we have a Sarcoma Awareness Month?  Simply, sarcoma is still considered to be the “forgotten cancer.”  Our efforts to encourage more research and more drug development are made difficult due to a lack of awareness and understanding.  Think about the major efforts that take place…  Read More »

Sarcoma Awareness Month – Be a Part of Finding the Cure

Are you looking for the 2016 petition?  Visit https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/designate-july-sarcoma-awareness-month to sign the Sarcoma Awareness Month Petition. Did you know that July is Sarcoma Awareness Month?   Help the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) bring awareness to sarcoma research and find a cure in our time.  Below are three ways that you can take action and make a difference!   Give Five ($5) to Help Others Survive Help a sarcoma researcher find a cure for this insidious disease. Funds donated will be used to fund a research grant! A $50,000 grant will be awarded to a researcher who has made it his/her…  Read More »

ACTION ALERT: Sign the Sarcoma Awareness Month Petition

    Dear Sarcoma Advocate, The Sarcoma Foundation of America needs your help to bring much needed awareness to sarcoma.  A petition asking the Obama Administration to officially recognize July as Sarcoma Awareness Month has been created on WhiteHouse.gov.  Please take a moment to sign this petition and help us send the message that more attention needs to be given to the needs of the entire sarcoma community. Once you have signed, please forward this link to your friends, families, supporters, and other sarcoma advocates and ask them to do the same.   You can share the petition on social media or…  Read More »