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Sarcoma Foundation of America Announces 2020 Research Grant Awards

DAMASCUS, Md. – May 28, 2020 – The Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA), an organization dedicated to increasing research and awareness for sarcoma, today announced that it has awarded three-quarters of a million dollars in research funds to deserving scientists as part of its 2020 SFA Research Grant program.  Fifteen research grants, each worth $50,000, have been awarded to researchers who have made it their mission to study sarcoma, a cancer that arises in the body’s soft tissue and bone. All proposals are peer reviewed by members of the SFA Medical Advisory Board who award the grants to the best,…  Read More »

Medical Innovation Provides Hope to Pediatric Sarcoma Patients

 Today’s post was written by Bert E. Thomas IV, PhD, MBA, CEO of the Sarcoma Foundation of America. As I write this blog, we find ourselves in the midst of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time to educate the public about the realities of childhood cancer and to draw attention to the need for more pediatric cancer research.  For the Sarcoma Foundation of America, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is also a time to remind everyone that sarcomas are not just a cancer of adults, but also of children and young adults.  Sarcomas account for 15 – 20% of all childhood cancers, a…  Read More »

A Letter to Vice President Biden

Today’s post comes to us from Brendan Locke.  Brendan’s wife Melissa was diagnosed with sarcoma in January 2016.  Since that time, her disease has been at the forefront of their lives. As you might imagine, Brendan has made it his mission to see that she receives the best treatment possible.  He has also made advocacy and sarcoma awareness a significant priority, working not only to improve things for Melissa, but also to serve as a voice for the greater good.  Brendan recently wrote to Vice President Joe Biden, the force behind the Cancer Moonshot initiative, to share Melissa’s story and bring attention to the needs…  Read More »

Meet the Researcher – Brian A. Van Tine, MD, PhD

Brian A. Van Tine, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Medicine, Sarcoma Program Director, Washington University in St. Louis 2013 Sarcoma Foundation of America Research Grant Recipient: “A Metabolomic Approach to Targeting ASS1 Deficient Sarcomas” 2014 Sarcoma Foundation of America Research Grant Recipient: “Targeting the Pentose Phosphate Pathway for the Treatment of Synovial Sarcoma” 2017 Sarcoma Foundation of America Research Grant Recipient: “Targeting the alterations of Lipid Metabolism in ASS1 Deficient Sarcomas to Induce Synthetic Lethality”   PLEASE DESCRIBE THE FOCUS OF THE RESEARCH PERFORMED IN YOUR LAB. I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Washington…  Read More »

Life — The Adventure

By guest blogger, Jamie Schou In January 2012, after experiencing some soreness in my ribs, I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment.  He was working on my back when he noticed a large mass.  After an unsuccessful surgery at a local hospital – the surgeon thought the mass was a Lipoma – and lots of searching, in March of 2012 we found an orthopedic surgeon who determined the mass was a Synovial Sarcoma.   I went down the usual path – chemo, radiation and surgery.  The sugery was a 16 hour ordeal.  The tumor was deep in my muscle,…  Read More »

Beating Sarcoma to the Finish Line

SFA is honored to announce that, Marissa Friedman, a sarcoma survivor, runner, and Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) volunteer, kicked off the SFA’s inaugural year participating in the San Francisco Marathon on, June 16, 2013. In May 2012, at 27 years old, Marissa was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma which is found in only 800 people annually. Already a runner, she was registered for the 2012 San Francisco Marathon.  Instead of spending the summer training, she was receiving chemotherapy treatment and undergoing surgery to remove the tumor which was wrapped around her femoral artery. Marissa’s strength, determination, and refusal to be…  Read More »