The Love of My Life…

By Cookie Rumely, Guest Blogger

The love of my life, Paul Rumely, was diagnosed nine years ago with a soft tissue sarcoma.  Sarcoma?  We had never even heard of the disease and his was so rare that there were hardly any statistics.

Approximately one year later, after having fought an amazingly courageous battle, Paul passed away at age 59 in 2005, with even the most notable doctor imaginable in charge of his case.

The Rumley Family
The Rumely Family

Since 2005, it has been my great pleasure and honor to be involved with the Sarcoma Foundation of America in his memory.  I just couldn’t imagine not being associated, as it gives me such satisfaction and pride.  I have a wonderful understanding of what is being done for the future of sarcoma – through the work of the SFA – in helping to find a cure. This gives me great relief and hope, and it should for all concerned.

The SFA is extremely important and active in the future of sarcoma patients, by helping in many ways to fund research for sarcoma treatments.  In April of last year, a new therapy for sarcoma was approved by the FDA for soft tissue sarcoma.  The SFA fought tirelessly for the approval and a dream was heard and realized.  Bravo!

And so we look to the future and the different types of sarcoma and realize that only with hard work, determination, and HOPE, that there will be a cure in the future.

I am optimistic and you should be as well!

Cookie Rumely is a dedicated supporter of the SFA who shares our goal of finding the cure for sarcoma.  As a committee member and previous Co-Chair of the successful annual gala in New York City, Cookie is a strong advocate of increasing SFA sarcoma research funds.  Cookie is a SFA Lifetime Giving Legacy Wall Partner.  Her commitment to SFA’s mission is exemplary and appreciated.