Valentine Sebastian Pakis

Valentine Sebastian PakisValentine Sebastian Pakis was diagnosed with a Proximal Epithelioid Sarcoma.  It took his life just two short months later.  He was 15 years old.  Not old enough to have experienced much of life, but old enough for his family and friends to know what a kind, thoughtful, gentle, wise, and interesting human being he was.  He loved working with his hands and made his own foundry for the purpose of melting metal and molding it into something new.  He volunteered at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in St. Paul assisting in maintaining and cleaning vintage WWII airplanes and automobiles.  He loved scouring antique shops for old hand tools, WWII memorabilia, and the fun of negotiating with the dealers.  He was an exceptional young man and Sebastian’s family and friends will miss the joy he brought to our lives.

We need to find a cure for this disease so no other young person has to endure its devastation.  We truly appreciate any donation to help research, understand, and hopefully find a cure.

Pakis and Bell families