Wednesday Warrior – Lacy

Lacy - #108 - WarriorI was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the right leg at the young age of 7. I received numerous chemo treatments prior to the amputation of my right leg, above the knee. I continued with treatments for almost a year after the amputation as well. The chemo was hard but the real hard times began after the completion of the chemo. This is when reality would hit and life with a prosthetic and being “different” would set in. I can honestly say that my family never treated me any different, neither did the small community that I was raised in. I was never told that I could not do something because of my disability and my parents never held me back even failure could possibly be the end result. And failure was an end result on occasion, but my family helped me to my feet, dusted me off, and encouraged me to try again and again until I felt successful in the task at hand. I attended public school and was active in every thing from sports to livestock showing. I went to college and have been a LPN for almost nine years now. I am married with three children, two of which are a set of twin boys that I carried for 37 successful weeks & continued to work every day until the day before my scheduled C-section. I was told by my oncologist to not ever expect to bear children but proved many wrong with that as well. The Good Lord has truly blessed me with an amazing live full of ups and downs but more blessings than I deserve. Sarcoma took my right leg but it didn’t take my life, my drive or my will to survive despite the many obstacles I have faced in my lifetime. I wish for a cure, but I also wish that until that cure is found that my story could bring hope and faith to a small child or adult who feels like the diagnosis of sarcoma or loss of a limb is the end of their life.

Faith is a bluebird
You see from afar
It’s for real
And as sure as the first evening star
You can’t touch it
Or buy it or wrap it up tight
But it’s there just the same
Making things turn out right
Rufus the Cat, The Rescuer’s

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