William Dan Richardson “Bill”

Bill was a wonderful Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, Son-in-law and Brother-in-law, as well as a friend to many. So loving and kind. So humble.

Bill had a chondrosarcoma back in 2006 in his skull base area which was removed, followed by 120 treatments of proton. During this time he still ran our business of 32 years, Patio Furniture Doctors.

Bill retired in late 2016. He loved eating out, being with his wife, dogs and friends. He loved going to a tropical island which he didn’t see many of after retirement 🙁

Shortly after he retired headaches started occurring more frequently. Thus bringing on more symptoms. Long story cut short. Bill had surgery in February 2019 to try to erase some of the radiation necrosis in his skull base to hopefully help alleviate the pain and headaches.

Short lived. I believe it just allowed whatever little cancer cells that were in there to make their home. Unfortunately the cancer won over treatment.

Gone too soon they say. “Cherished moments last a lifetime”

Chondrosarcoma is very rare especially in the skull base. To come back twice in the same area, plus another had appeared on the left temporal bone as recent. We pray that someday there will be a cure for this disease.

May your soul rest in Heaven, while your heart lies in a tropical island, “Beach Bum Bill.”