Working and Learning at the SFA

Today’s blog was written by Caleigh during her time at the Sarcoma Foundation of America’s office for “Take Your Child to Work” day.  Caleigh, a 3rd grader, is the daughter of Lori Hoffman, SFA’s Senior Manager of Public Policy and External Affairs. This is Caleigh’s third year helping out at the SFA.  Last year, she wrote a blog about how kids can help in our efforts to raise money for sarcoma research.  She has once again chosen to serve as a guest blogger during her time in the office.  

By Caleigh

kailyn and caleigh
Kailyn (age 6) and Caleigh (age 8)


Have you ever wondered about the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA)? Well, if you have I can tell you about it.  SFA is a non-profit charity group.  They raise money to help people with sarcoma.  Sarcoma is a type of cancer.  It is a rare cancer.  The money that they raise goes to scientists to research sarcoma to make medicines. The SFA puts together events like races to raise money. My mom has come to my class to talk about SFA and what they do.

I am working at the SFA today for “Take Your Child to Work” day.  I have a lot of fun working with my mom.  I try my hardest to raise money and help out.  This year, I was not the only kid to help out at the headquarters. Today me and another girl named Kailyn helped out in the office. We got to help with delivering and opening letters, preparing mail to be sent, and copying. I asked Kailyn why she liked helping at SFA with her mom and she said, “because when I’m with her she gives me fun things to do.”

Don’t forget, even if you are young or old you can always raise money.  Once a girl named Halle wrote a blog about sarcoma and got her school to do a fundraiser called “Cents for Sarcoma.” She has done this twice.  She got her idea from a blog written by me.  She raised over $400 the first time and more than $600 the second time.

We hope that you can help out the SFA, too. You can help by having a fund raiser like Halle did at her school, you can also do bake sales or a lemonade stand to raise money. Thank you for reading and supporting us.