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Stephanie Markham Minge, graduated from Madison High School in 1997 and then from Miami University in 2001. Following her passion for music, she became a band director and music teacher at Carroll High School, in Dayton, Ohio. Three years later, in June 2004, Stephanie married her best friend and soul mate, Sammy Minge.

Little did Sammy and Stephanie know that when they pledged to love each other through sickness and in health, that their vows would be tested so early in their marriage. They were newlyweds for less than 18 months when Stephanie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The local oncologist immediately recommended that Stephanie see the specialists at the MD Anderson Cancer Care Center, in Houston, Texas.

Stephanie faced cancer head-on with urgency along with the grit and determination of a warrior. Stephanie also blessed everyone with her incredible sense of humor. In her blog, while losing her hair during the initial round of chemotherapy, Stephanie wrote, “The only thing left to figure out is when to make the move and take it all off. See, I refuse to look like a cabbage patch doll that got attacked by a three year old with scissors.” To read more of Stephanie’s blog, click here:

imageStephanie endured 5 major operations and 5 recurrences of her disease. She spent more months receiving treatment in Houston, Texas, than in remission at her home in Springboro, Ohio. Through all of this, Stephanie was an amazing presence with a smile that could light a million Christmas trees. She continued to inspire others as a faithful member of her church, a beloved teacher, and an entrepreneur with a home-based business.

She impacted countless lives as she demonstrated how to live courageously, give passionately, and love unconditionally. Stephanie passed away peacefully seven years to the day that she was first diagnosed with sarcoma. She was surrounded by the love of her beautiful sister Angela, her generous and loving parents, Marcia and Steve, and her one-true-love Sammy.

On the night of her passing, Sammy wrote these words to encourage us all to carry the torch in Stephanie’s memory:

“Live by her example. LIVE. GIVE. LOVE. Leave a legacy. Impact the world. Tomorrow we wake up to a darker world without her in it. What will you do to brighten it back up? Who will you be to make that happen? She’s set the bar pretty high.”

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