Sarcoma Advocacy Leadership Committee

The Sarcoma Advocacy Leadership Committee (SALC) will assist SFA in identifying and evaluating legislation and policy issues that affect the sarcoma community. The SALC represents the needs and interests of the sarcoma community on issues that impact sarcoma patients and survivors. The group advocates for public policies that enhance the ability to end sarcoma and provide a better quality of life for people living with sarcoma particularly by adding funding resources to the effort.

The Sarcoma Advocacy Leadership Committee assists in prioritizing public policy issues and concerns; identifying those that SFA should focus its attention and resources; developing action plans for addressing these issues; expanding the sarcoma community and public awareness of the needs of the sarcoma community and SFA’s public policy priorities.

Among other things, the SALC:

  • Builds relationships and communicates with legislators and other public officials to ensure that officials critical to the formation of laws and regulations affecting the sarcoma community are informed.
  • Assists in developing an annual advocacy work plan, including public education plans to grow awareness about the needs of the sarcoma community at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Craft and implement advocacy campaign strategies including Sarcoma Advocacy Day and Campaign during Sarcoma Awareness Month and other grassroots initiatives to promote action-oriented advocacy in support of the sarcoma community.
  • Helps to foster an extensive grassroots sarcoma advocacy network and provides leadership to their state network.

This committee is open to interested stakeholders. The council comprises one at least one representative from each state.

If you are interested in joining the Sarcoma Advocacy Leadership Committee please complete this form.