Join the Team That Makes It Happen!Volunteer for Sarcoma

Volunteering as an ambassador with the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) can be a rewarding way to positively impact finding the cure for this devastating disease. There are many opportunities – and reasons – to contribute your knowledge and enthusiasm for the greater good of all impacted by sarcoma.

Personal Advantages

  • Grow your LEADERSHIP skills through high-profile volunteer positions.
  • Realize personal GROWTH through collaboration.
  • Receive feedback and RECOGNITION from members, volunteers and headquarters staff.
  • Build lifelong FRIENDSHIPS and support during fun and exciting volunteer experiences.
  • GIVE BACK to sarcoma by sharing your expertise during events, meetings and discussions.
  • Enjoy a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT through meaningful and rewarding volunteer activities.

Here are some ways you can volunteer:

Community Ambassador

  • Responsible for distributing SFA information and resources to local hospitals, doctors offices, during community health fairs, and to local business to assist with raising sarcoma awareness and educating the community about to sarcoma.
  • Advocate for the SFA by participating in call to action campaigns and email campaigns.
  • Be our eyes and ears on the local level by alerting members and the National office of sarcoma related news and information.
  • Support SFA causes, such as letter writing campaigns for increased sarcoma-related funding.
  • Grow the SFA membership and support in your state.

Fundraising Ambassador

  • Be a supporter and a resource for SFA fundraising events in your state, by having events and by supporting those that are local.
  • Inform the SFA National Headquarters of fundraising opportunities in your area.
  • Plan your own fundraising events and outreach activities annually, and recruit others to set up fundraiser and fundraising pages.
  • Assist with building local fundraising ambassador committee in your area.
  • Develop fundraising partnerships with local schools, businesses, and medical facilities in order to increase awareness and fundraising reach.

Social Awareness Ambassador

  • Support SFA causes, such as letter writing campaigns for increased-sarcoma related funding.
  • Assist with increasing sarcoma awareness on social media platforms and assisting the SFA with increasing social media traffic.
  • Assist with promoting SFA Events, volunteer recruitment, sarcoma awareness, and donations in order to increase sarcoma awareness in your area.


If you have any questions, please contact us at volunteers@curesarcoma.org.