SFA Marine Corps Marathon Team

The SFA Marine Corps Marathon Team is ready for action on October 29. Won’t you help these dedicated runners raise funds for sarcoma research?  Check out our team members below and learn why they run.

Miranda Dalecki

Miranda Dalecki, an oncology nurse from Millerstown, Pa., decided to be part of the Race to Cure Sarcoma Marine Corps Marathon Team as a tribute to a close friend. "I am running in memory of my dear friend and colleague Shara," says Miranda. She is excited to honor Shara's legacy through fundraising to find a cure for sarcoma.

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Emma Schambers

Emma Schambers, who lives in East Greenwich, RI, has joined the SFA Race to Cure Sarcoma Marine Corps Marathon Team in memory of her friend Catherine, who passed away in 2015. Says Emma, "Her strength during her battle with sarcoma is what inspires me to run and raise money for both awareness and research to end this terrible disease." Emma is thrilled to pay tribute to her friend and fundraise for the SFA team.

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Justin Reid

Justin Reid, who lives in Greer, SC, joined the RTCS MCM Team in honor of his mother, who passed away from sarcoma in 2016. Says Justin, "I want to help support the organization that supported her during her illness.” He is very excited to run and make a difference in finding a cure for sarcoma.

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Kristen Brenchley

Kristen Brenchley of Alexandria, Va., is running for the SFA MCM Team in honor of her first husband. Says Kristen, "I am running the Marine Corps Marathon to raise funds for SFA because my first husband was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in his mid-twenties. This cause is deeply personal to me." She is excited to make a meaningful impact on sarcoma research through her participation in the marathon.

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Ryan Maffei

Ryan Maffei

Ryan Maffei is running as a tribute to his late mother, who passed away from sarcoma five years ago. At that time Ryan, a resident of Toms River, NJ, weighed 380 pounds, but embarked on a life-changing transformation to lose weight. "I am now 200 pounds lighter and on my way to finishing my first ever marathon," says Ryan. With several half marathons already under his belt, Ryan is determined to cross the finish line of his first full marathon and honor his mother's memory in a meaningful way. Says Ryan, "She gives me the strength every day, and I am running to support sarcoma to support others like her who sadly succumbed to this disease."

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Susie Donohue

Susie Donohue is running the MCM to raise awareness and funding for sarcoma research. "I am hoping to help fund a cure for myself and my fellow sarcoma travelers," says Susie. As a mother, she also yearns to inspire her children, showing them that even in the face of adversity, "Mama can do hard things." Susie, who resides in Oak Park, Ill., was also excited to learn her SFA marathon coach and fellow sarcoma survivor, Jacky Hunt-Broersma, shares her mantra and even has an arm tattoo that reads, "I can do hard things."

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Paul Herbert

Paul, who is from Wheaton, IL, is running in honor of his wife Nancy who passed away in July 2012 after a 13-year battle with sarcoma. “She endured so much, the constant treatments and appointments and exams and disappointments as the disease recurred,” he remembers. “And yet she was brave, gracious, and loving, even mostly cheerful, an example of courage.”

Paul is 73 and retired. He and Nancy have two grown daughters, Ellen and Sally. He served for thirty years as an Army officer – Nancy was an Army wife for twenty-five of those – and worked with the US Army as a historian for another fifteen. Once a regular runner, he mostly walks now. A longtime donor to SFA and Race to Cure Sarcoma participant, he was inspired this year to try running again – with his doctor’s okay! He is supported by many friends, colleagues, classmates, a large family and an even larger “family of the heart.”

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Jeanne Zulick

Jeanne, who is from Ellington, Connecticut, is thrilled and honored to be part of the SFA MCM Team. Jeanne was diagnosed with a high-grade, aggressive soft-tissue sarcoma in my abdomen in 2017. Over the last six years, she's had repeated recurrences and undergone several additional surgeries, five different chemotherapy treatments, and radiation. Says Jeanne, "Since May 2022, I have been in remission and plan to stay there!" Jeanne is grateful to be a part of this team. "I run to express my immense gratitude to the many doctors and nurses who have gotten me to this place. I run to raise money and awareness to eradicate sarcoma, and I run for those who can't," says Jeanne.

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Avril Dieser

Avril, who lives in Decatur, Georgia, is running the MCM in honor of her son, who has been living with osteosarcoma for two years. Says Avril, "My son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma that had metastasized in September 2021 at the age of 19." Along with her family, she continues to advocate and support him. "Because this is a rare form of cancer and no new treatments have been approved as front-line therapy for approximately 40 years, our voices need to be loud and consistent," says Avril. She is excited to run and help conquer this devastating disease!

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Gentry Kowall

Gentry, who is from Washington, D.C., is running in memory of his mother-in-law. Says Gentry, “Janet was diagnosed with retroperitoneal liposarcoma in 2020.” His mother-in-law underwent over two years of radiation therapy, multiple surgeries, and other interventions before her passing. He says she led an inspiring life as a physician and mother. "The strength and determination that she had is profoundly inspiring," says Gentry. He is excited to run in her honor to help find a cure!

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Ellie Thurneysen

Ellie, who is from Fairfax, Virginia, is participating in the MCM for her dad. Says Ellie, "I am running this race in support of my dad who is currently battling Sarcoma." Ellie also mentioned his continuous support, whether it was attending her track meets in high school, pursuing ROTC in college, or anything else she tried. "This is an opportunity for me to show my support to him and others like him who are fighting similar battles," says Ellie.

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Abe Friedman

Abe is running in the MCM to support research and advocacy efforts to end sarcoma and honor those who have lost their lives to this disease. Sarcoma has impacted his close friend who lost his brother and family dog to osteosarcoma.

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David White

David is running in the MCM to honor the lives of his mom, his friend's mom, and so many others. As an active-duty United States Marine, he says it is a privilege to honor the lives of those whom we've lost and support the efforts to find a cure.

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Brad Ward

Brad is running in the MCM to raise much needed funding for research, education and advocacy. He was diagnosed with Sarcoma in 2022 and subsequently had surgery and chemotherapy. He is doing this to help raise money and find a cure.

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